Tiny Beating Hearts Initiative

No one plans to have a baby before time. Most preterm babies make their grand entry to the world before we are ready to receive them.

It is not always pleasant. But we understand, therefore we stand by you and with you through it.

We believe that every child deserves the right to live. For babies born preterm, they fight for the right to live.  TBHI’s role is to ensure preemies are given all the support they need to win this fight for survival. Because they don’t give up, we never do.

At TBHI, we care as much for mums and dads as we do for preemies. More than that, we care for women with high-risk pregnancies – from conception through post-natal. With our team of  Professionals, we give you practical solutions and support to help you through pregnancy and the arduous journey of caring for a baby born too soon.

At TBHI, our core belief is Every Beating Heart Counts!