Parents Use 32811 to Raise Support for Twin Premature Babies

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Feb 3

Parents Use 32811 to Raise Support for Twin Premature Babies

The Adeyemi twins were born in January 22, 2019 they weighed 1.1 and 1.2 KG at birth respectively. By the time they decided to reach Tiny Beating Hearts Initiative for assistance, they had been in hospital for a few days and it had dawned on them they would be overwhelmed unless they got help. Taking advantage of our shortcode for Premature babies, they sent a message across and opened a channel of communication which has seen TBHI visit the babies, discussed with the Paediatrician in charge and raised funds to offset the pending bills.

As at the time of filing this interim report, both babies are out of incubator and Kangaroo Mother Care has been started, both had treatment for jaundice but one needs additional treatment, the bills as at Friday, February 1, 2019, the bill was 199,000 naira out of which the parents had made a deposit of 50, 000 naira and TBHI has raised 157, 000 naira, both babies have regained their respective birth weights which dropped post admission.

We are hopeful that the Adeyemi twins will be ready to go home soon and that they will live healthy lives.

At TBHI, we are glad that through technology and social media we are saving more premature babies who otherwise might not have the support we offer both babies and their families.

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