This is the story of hope of strength and of life

8 Dec    My Preemie Story
Dec 8

This is the story of hope of strength and of life

Hello everyone, my name is Afolayan Beatrice Oluwaseyi Iyanuoluwa. I am seventeen years old. I was born on 1st December 2001. My hobbies are singing, reading and learning more. I’m from the family of four, with my parents that’s six, I have three siblings and we are all girls. Also my hobbies are reading, singing and learning more and i love children.

When my mum got pregnant, during her fifth month she started having contractions and water brakeage everyday and was put on drip for a month. The day her pregnancy was six months, the doctor told her to go for a scan at a medical centre in Yaba, on getting there, the doctor showed her the scan and told her baby was healthy and that even if she has her baby right now it will survive.

The following day, she went into labour and while going to the hospital, I was born in the cab, but she never knew what happened because she was unconscious and her elder sister that was with her also did not know she had delivered and never cared. So as to save my mum’s life i was left in the cab because no one noticed me. After 30 minutes, the cab driver came and told them that there was a baby in the car and should be taken care of.


My mum’s sister told the doctor that I could not survive and that they should focus on saving my mum’s life and ignored the cab driver. He then went to the pharmacy down the hospital, bought a cotton wool, wrapped me with it and took me upstairs to the doctor who was attending to my mum. The doctor then said I should be taken to LUTH if they want me to survive, while all this was happening, my dad was not at home, he was out with his friend. On getting to LUTH, they were told there was no more incubator space where I can be put and was I transferred to Massey Hospital in Lagos Island. My mum’s sister did not know where it was so I was brought back to AYUM medical centre where my mum was admitted in Jibowu.


The doctor noticed I was still breathing and I was quickly rushed to mercy hospital on the Island. When they got to mercy, a nurse told my dad that he has to pay some money because the wool on my body will have to be removed first before i can be treated and admitted. After getting all the necessary treatment, I was taken to the preemie’s section and was put in an incubator. I was in the incubator for one month, during those days i was in the incubator there was no bathing and breastfeeding. I was given breast milk with a cup and spoon so not to over feed and Goya oil was used to clean my body every time. Day in day out i kept on growing and keeping a good record to stay alive.

On the 31st December 2001 I was discharged from the hospital that i can now breath on my own and adapt to the new air. And here i am after seventeen years after hale, hearty, alive and fighting for life. Today, I am able to tell my birth story to the whole world. Thank you.

Beatrice Afolayan.

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