World Prematurity Day Countdown: We Need You

Nov 2

World Prematurity Day Countdown: We Need You

The countdown begins.

The global theme for this year’s commemoration is the role of the family and how it is a major stakeholder in the care of the baby born preterm, with extreme low birthweight and sick.

The family is critical to bringing down the rate of preterm births as well as number of babies/children who die as a result of the complications they suffer from prematurity.

During the commemoration, we remember those babies that sadly lose the fight to live and pay our utmost respect to those who made it and their families/caregivers who make it possible.

We need you to make this successful. How do you come in?

1. Help us spread the awareness to your network.

2. Take the Preemie Pledge to buy a gift pack for a preterm baby.

3. Pledge to raise funds to support families with overwhelming needs for their preterm.

4. Drop your photograph for the Preemie Pledge.

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