World Prematurity Day 2014 THE BURDEN OF PREMATURITY

Nov 2

World Prematurity Day 2014 THE BURDEN OF PREMATURITY

A significant chunk of the work TBHI did in 2014/2015 revolved around providing support for families of preemies from low socioeconomic background both in hospital and when they had been discharged home.

This provided the basis for the theme we chose for WPD 2014.

A public talk was delivered in the General Hospital, Ifako Ijaiye, a suburb in Lagos State. Because the burden of prematurity can be overwhelming and daunting, the need to do all it takes to carry a healthy pregnancy to term or at least near term was emphasised.

At the end of the lecture, some items were donated to the hospital for use in the NICU: oxygen concentrator, bassinet, pulse oximeter, glucometer and test strips, digital infant weighing scale and diapers.

We also had some media appearances for broadcast of our message which essentially is that the level of prematurity in Nigeria was unacceptable and must be reversed.

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