Every Beating Heart Counts!

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Every Beating Heart Counts!

Our primary focus at TBHI is to raise awareness to prevent preterm births. But when babies are #BornTooSoon, we step in & support. Like we did for the Ojo family when they had a set of preterm triplets.We first heard about the Ojo triplets on June 16, 2018 when we got a message from a follower on our Facebook group.

A set of triplets had been delivered in the Zonal Hospital in Okene and they needed support to get them to a facility with incubators.We swung into action immediately. We went to the State Specialist Hospital which we already knew had one functional incubator at the time with the hope there was something, anything, that could be done.

Discussions back and forth with the hospital and the matron in the Maternity ward of Zonal Hospital Okene extended till morning of Sunday June 17, 2018 when we knew definitely that it was not possible. JOHESU was on strike @FMC.

What to do?We had three preemies who needed warmth and perhaps other things. We knew we had to see the babies. We took off from Lokoja to the Zonal Hospital in Okene.

The ambience was welcoming. Its recent renovation made it pleasing to the eyes.The environment was also very neat with no smell. We got to the Maternity Ward & we were pleasantly shocked by the professionalism of the staff on duty. Courteous and willing to help, our work was made easier.

We were led to the room which had the KMC inscription over the doorpost. It was a small but clean room. Used as a private ward to separate our preterm triplets from neonates in the general maternity ward.

From the Zonal Hospital, we headed home. ‘Home’ was Ihima, Okehi LGA. A journey of some 20 minutes.

The room & parkour residence the Ojos would now share with their new additions was neat and clean but very cold.We had encouraged the naming of the babies to increase bonding between parents and babies.

The only girl amongst them was named Onozasi Blessing, the first male is Omeiza Favor and the second male was named Ogirima Victor.

The reason we always encourage naming preemies as soon as they are born is to give them their own identity which helps bonding & to avoid the temptation of exposing preemies to crowd during ‘naming ceremonies’ with the attendants litany of advice.

Because of the sheer population of occupants of the house, a sensitization became necessary for neighbors who had already gathered and were eager to go see and possibly feel the triplets.Our Programs Manager, Mr. Umar Dan Asabe Mohammed, sensitized the crowd on why they would need to cooperate with the new parents by supporting them in all ways and understand that they couldn’t go into the babies’ room nor touch them until after immunisation.

We left them by evening with a token cash gift and a promise to return knowing that the road they were on would be very rough & theyll require our support in the days ahead. We asked our followers for support which they gave.

We visited Onozasi Blessing, Omeiza Favor and Ogirima Victor a total of seven times within three months.More updates on our intervention with them andtheir welfare will be shared subsequently.

#EveryBeatingHeartCounts #PreemiesAreRubies

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