Because of TBHI, Abdullamid Has a Fighting Chance

Oct 11

Because of TBHI, Abdullamid Has a Fighting Chance

We have a preterm baby in the hospital. They had arrived at the hospital with nothing. But thanks to the consumables which TBHI had donated to the hospital where they are, baby didn’t feel the impact of his parents’ inability to afford items needed for his care.And when it came to buying drugs for his care, father threatened to take baby home. That would have been terrible because the baby was not in very good shape. But one of us, Dr. Ashraff Abdulhakeem stepped in and paid for the drugs. At the close of work today, myself and the team went to see Abdullamid. These are the things we do to keep every tiny heart beating. We are saving Nigerian babies from becoming just another one of our horrendous statistics one preemie at a time.

Wouldn’t you rather join us to save more? You can donate money or medical consumables or equipment.

Just call us on 0811 662 0205 or send an email to

You can make your donation directly to Tiny Beating Hearts Initiative,
First Bank of Nigeria Ltd

Thank you and God bless.

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