How To Tell If Your Baby Is Feeding Well.

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How To Tell If Your Baby Is Feeding Well.

If you can’t tell your baby is feeding well panic not. You don’t need a breastfeeding schedule to feed your newly born nor worry about if the newly born baby sleeps off during breastfeeding every time. Let’s consider the following points on how to feed your baby correctly:

1. Positioning and latching on of the baby to the breast is key. Ensure the baby has the whole of the nipple in his/her mouth. Depends on the mouth-nipple proportion though. Some people have really large nipples and makes it a bit difficult and clumsy otherwise let the baby have the entire nipple in his/her mouth and also let the lips touch the areola (black acne-like tubercles around the breast).

2. When the baby suckles in this position, you will feel only but the drag and hear no sound. If you hear a sound or hissing then the baby is sucking in air and not suckling breast.

3. Milk production is a function of suckling. Messages are sent to the higher center to stimulate milk production as long as the baby continue to suckle. There are other stimulants too like the cry of baby etc. So if baby suckles well and you feed well there will be continuous milk production.

4. You do not have to feel pains or have swollen breast. Your breasts will feel heavy though if there is good milk production and the size will increase.

5. Sometimes you need to wake the baby to breast feed. Some babies are like that, sleeping even when not well fed. Others though won’t stop crying.

6. Note also that you should not keep changing breasts frequently as the first milk usually (foremilk) does not satisfy babies but the hind milk. It is therefore advised you allow baby suckle at least 15-20 minutes on one breast or empty the milk from the breast before offering the second breast. When this happens they sleep better, longer and are more peaceful.

In all, let your baby guide you to feed as often as he/she wants.

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