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On Thursday 30th of August we held a stakeholders’ meeting to discuss how to strengthen Kogi State’s healthcare system for effective service delivery to pregnant women and neonates. It was not only a wonderful outing but a hugely successful and participatory meeting where we also took the opportunity to give out consumables to the hospital to enable them cater better for neonates and nursing mothers of the children. Also, we unveiled the incubator we donated to the hospital (oh yes we did!).

Our volunteer Dr. Ashraff anchoring the event.
Brand new incubator donated to the hospital by TBHI.

After having a hugely successful outing on Thursday the team reconvened at the TBHI head office on Saturday to have a review of the event. And the following observations were made:

1. The time we had to plan was short. The fact that we had such an awesome event was in spite of the lapses we had in planning owing to lack of enough time.

2. Going forward roles will assigned to regular volunteers who are expected to report on their assignments appropriately.

3. Overall, the event was a success and we should pat ourselves on the back.

After the review, our executive director Petra Onyegbule gave an overview of our next steps in addition to our ongoing projects. She said it was imperative to scale up with technology adding that there are three areas under consideration in this regard:

a) A dedicated Whatsapp group where mothers can chat with us and get important feedback/information;

b) An app which will have details of Hospitals in Kogi State with functional incubators, complete with phone contacts. This is to avoid wasting time and resources going from one hospital to the other in search of incubator for a preemie. We all agree that every second counts when it comes to a preemie.

c) A short code through which subscribers can get short updates on what to do during pregnancy, when they have a premature baby, when they take the baby home from hospital, care for the preemie, looking after maternal mental health during pregnancy or whilst caring for a preemie, etc.

She also said we needed to follow the donation at SH up with donation of IPU to the Zonal Hospital, Okene along with medical consumables as well. We agreed to do this on Tuesday.

That’s the summary of what happened on Saturday. We hope you had a fantastic weekend and we wish you a fabulous week ahead!

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