TBHI Diaries: Entry #001

1 Jul    Diary
Jul 1

TBHI Diaries: Entry #001

Good day TBHItes! Happy new month! I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend?

Did you have an eventful week? Well, we at TBHI sure did. We had a fair share of ups and downs but most importantly we made some progress in the fading week. We are at the twilight of the week and here is a quick review of what we did in the week.

Discussion On Mental Health During Pregnancy

On Monday, we had a one hour interactive session with Dr. Femi Adebajo, a consultant psychiatrist, who discussed with us the importance of taking care of one’s health during pregnancy. It was indeed an enlightening encounter that was helpful to everyone who participated.

Our Triplets Have New Packages!

Since the news of the triplets broke they have been incurring new members into their fanclub. The latest member being Mrs. Billy Saliu, who donated bags of clothing for our babies! We took delivery of it on Wednesday and the very next day we were on our way to Ihima to check on their progress.

Our Triplets Are Bubbling!

At around 11 AM on Thursday morning we arrived at the home of the babies. Met their mom alongside her mother in-law who has been assisting in tending to the babies. The babies were in a very good condition and we commended their mother on the great job she has been in tending to the babies in accordance with all the regulations and precautions she had been educated about.

Our triplets

Even though the babies were asleep when we got there we still helped with dressing them up with their new, more fitting clothes, to the infinite delight of their gleeful mother.

After about an hour with the beautiful kids and their cheerful mum we had to leave…parting with some monetary relief of course.

Formal Request For MSG Approval Tendered

After we left Ihima we headed straight for the Zonal General Hospital, Okene, where we tendered a letter to the Chief Medical Doctor of the Hospital Management Board, formally requesting to situate our Mothers Support Group in select hospitals in the state as well as using the General Hospital, Okene as the start point of the project.

Even though he was not on seat at our arrival, we were well received and we were assured of his support.

We Lost a Baby

On an earlier visit to the same hospital a few weeks ago we had met a young lady named Zuleihat, who was due for a caesarean session but couldn’t afford it. We had paid for the procedure and paid for blood transfusion for her. She had delivered the baby (who wasn’t a preemie anyway) safely and it was a beautiful child. On Thursday after we were done submitting the letter, we stopped by the maternity ward to pay her and the baby a visit. They both seemed fine and the baby was still beautiful.

We took a picture of the baby and wished them well. However, we got a call the next day that we had lost the baby. We at TBHI offer our heartfelt condolences to Zuleihat and everyone else who have been affected by the news of this tragedy.

Our Director Is On Vanguard!

Oh yes, our Executive Director and Founder, Mrs. Petra Onyegbule made a special appearance on the Weekend Woman column of the 30th June issue of Saturday Vanguard where she discussed the role of her experience with her premature baby in shaping her resolve to establish an NGO that fought the scourge of premature births in the country.

So guys, that’s all for this week’s diary entry. Have a great week ahead and we at TBHI will also try to.

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