Mother Support Group

Jun 30

Mother Support Group


At TBHI, we give support. We do not take over responsibilities and the parents we work with understand that. As a matter of fact, we withdraw material support once babies are out of danger. At which point we offer them and their parents psychological support and serve as a bridge between them and their doctors/caregivers.

In the case of the triplets, it is just a lot to look after three babies born at once how much more preemies who need some form of support. At the rate we are going, we are positive that the babies will grow fast, attain the required weight for their immunisations and the mother can do the bit she was assisting her family with – sales of provisions on a small scale.

Mothers Support Group will officially be launched formally. Through MSG, we intend to promote: basic hygiene practise such as frequent hand washing and environmental hygiene amongst pregnant women and nursing mothers; and encourage cost effective healthy living. .

Furthermore, our support for the mental health of mothers who may experience PTSD, Ante/Post Natal Depression, Anxiety, will be carried out under our MSG Project.

Thank you for your support always. You can contact us on 0811 662 0205 or email us

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