HIStory by Kunle Lawal – A preemie dad

May 16

HIStory by Kunle Lawal – A preemie dad

I remember the day she told me, we were pregnant.. It was a day of mixed feelings.. Joy, confusion and gratitude. It’s our first baby, I started singing how much I wanted the child to be a girl (my home was an all boys barracks)

A few months later through the red chilling hot sauce wey we start to eat for house, across emotions and the whole nine yards that come with the period. We’d started preparing for the EDD which was end of November

Sometime in the first week of October, my wife called and said she was cold kind of… Next she wanted to go to the hospital, well they just admitted her for precaution. I remember going to get a chilled bottle while I waited for her rice and oxtail dinner to be prepared. I chilled with her till say 1am,we joked about the nurses not being smart continuously checking for a heart beat from her tummy.

6.35am: my phone rings, honey I’m on oxygen and we are headed to the theater….. My head clears and calculates faster than light,i get to the hospital sharply, and I hear his heart beat is irregular and we have to separate them now sir, your wife would be operated on now

Has your mouth been drier than sokoto during Christmas, yes I knew I was soon going to be a father but not so fast. Before I knew it, he was taken out of his mum and next was
Sir, he’s going to the incubator his breathing is irregular

I stood outside the window of the ICU to see my son the first time. Born six weeks before with an IV on his hand that looked twice his size. I wasn’t even allowed in the room he was. His immunity was low, you can imagine the list of six hourly drugs to boost it. He lived on Glucose and drugs. For the first time in years, I bust into tears.
The next few days were me being a robot, wake up 6am head to the hospital ask for the drugs for his mum and him, keep buying them till the day was over. I went over those steps more than 120 times a day, we had exhausted all the cash we saved up for his delivery and it was a dream how we scaled through without owing, I still don’t know how it happened but trust me the bills were enormous.

My happiest day during the period, was an afternoon I went to ask if there was a list of drugs.. I used to haunt them asking lol…. And I heard daddy Lawal, go get him some clothes, lotion and stuff… He was leaving the incubator, I almost got hit by a car day dreaming downstairs

Today I have a wonderful son, his mother and I are so grateful to have him. It was a Topsy turvy ordeal, being a preemie dad makes you cherish the lil things you took for granted. The best things in life are free.

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