Mrs Yesufu and her ordeal

Apr 14

Mrs Yesufu and her ordeal

On the evening of 22nd of August, someone shared news of the preterm birth of a set of quadruplet in Lokoja which naturally caught my attention. By the next day, I was at Rehoboth Hospital to see the neonates, doctors and parents and I share the following:

1. The mother, Mrs Amina Yesufu presented with placenta previa on August 8 and was admitted for management. This included giving steroids to strengthen the lungs of the fetuses (which scans revealed to be four) as well as control contractions to delay delivery.

2. By late August 21, delay was no longer possible and a Caesarean section needed to be carried out. This was done on August 22 a a set of quadruplet were delivered at 32 weeks gestation. All four are doing well and are in the incubator where they are being given care.

3. Before coming to Rehoboth Hospital, Mrs Yesufu had been rejected at two tertiary health institutions in the nation’s capital for lack of bed space and a third tertiary health institution in Lokoja was on strike.

4. As at the time they got to Rehoboth Hospital, they had near nothing on them. A nurse in the hospital had to donate blood for the mother as her PCV was 25%.

5. Tiny Beating Hearts Initiative (TBHI) has made a total part payment of #290,000.00 only (in two tranches of #90,000 and #200,000) and is raising more funds as the most recent assessment by the doctor in charge puts the estimated cost at over a million to cover cost of phototherapy to treat jaundice, tests, drugs for both neonates and mother, cost of CS, cost of incubator. Thanks to my colleagues in the media unit for their enormous support.

6. TBHI is in talks with the Kogi State Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development for a sustainable means of ensuring these neonates grow into healthy children and members of society.

7. In the meantime, TBHI is hereby appealing to well meaning people to kindly donate their widow’s mite to offset the Yesufus’ hospital bills.

God bless you.

You may make your donations through:

Tiny Beating Hearts Initiative
First Bank of Nigeria Ltd

For the ease of accountability, kindly indicate on this thread or inbox your kind donation.

Note that diaper, baby clothes are also needed.

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