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4 Feb

Common Infections in Pregnancy: Prevention and Control

Infection is a condition where an otherwise healthy person has the growth of unwanted micro-organisms within his or her body in such a manner as to make the person ill or sick. Sometimes, our body tends to fight off these micro-organisms, and the person remains healthy without treatment. At other times, the person needs help…

4 Feb

Bleeding Causes Maternal Death, Take Action via Knowledge

Bleeding is a very common symptom in pregnancy, however while not all episodes of bleeding in pregnancy are causes for concern, others are potentially serious and can be life threatening both to Mother and the unborn baby. Of all the causes of maternal death during pregnancy, bleeding ranks among the Top 5, and should be…

4 Feb

Malaria in Pregnancy: All You Need to Know

Malaria is a disease which is prevalent in Africa and many other third world nations in the world. It has caused great strain on the resources of affected nations as it usually has a very high morbidity and mortality on the societies affected. In pregnancy, it gets worse as the woman’s physiological state is already…

3 Feb

Pneumonia in Under 5s, What You Should Know

WHAT IS PNEUMONIA? This is a very serious infection that affects the lungs. Like many other diseases, it affects people of all ages, but is particularly serious in the very young, and the elderly, and has a much higher mortality among these two groups. Two million children are noted to die globally every year as…

3 Feb

Hate Your Newborn? You Could be Suffering Postnatal Depression. Check It!

Postnatal depression (PND) is a significant public health problem affecting 10%-15% of women in the six months following delivery. Unfortunately, it’s often under-recognised and undertreated. PND actually refers to moderate cases of depression following childbirth as more severe cases are encompassed within the concept of postpartum (or puerperal) psychosis. Onset of PND is usually within 3-4 weeks of…

3 Feb

Use of the Shortcode Made Easier In Nigerian Languages

Our very first translation is here and it is in Yoruba. We are thankful to Mr. Olanbiwoninu Razaq Adeola Adewunmi for helping with the translation. Can you help translate this to your language so that we can produce into a jingle? Ǹjẹ́ o nílò ìrànlówó lórí ọmọ rẹ tí ń ṣòjòjò látàrí pé abi láì…